Philip Oakley <> wrote:
> From: "Eric Wong" <>
> >
> >Yes, I was somewhat careful to check for proper mboxes from gmane;
> >I just missed entire ranges :x
> >
> There were a number of messages that were listed by gmane as being in the
> various Git for Windows lists such as msysgit, especially when the messages
> went to both lists (as the issue had common cause) that failed to get onto
> the regualr gmane list.
> Are these something that has been included?

If they were on both lists, yes, gmane seems to miss some of
those messages, unfortunately.

> Philip
> A quick search on a possible message gave
> which has no parent,
> but that parent actually only went to the msysgit list, so no real surprise
> there, but I do remember some other cases that were on list - I just can't
> find them at the moment :-(.

If a message was only posted exclusively on other lists, it
should stay there and it's archives.  public-inbox provides a
way to lookup external messages by Message-ID for this reason.

Is there a way to lookup messages by Message-ID from the msysgit
archives?  I could add it to the existing list of alternate
Message-ID lookup services:

GoogleGroups doesn't seem usable without JavaScript at all,
unfortunately :<

I don't think the msysgit archives would be too large and I
wouldn't mind hosting them myself.  But, users on GoogleGroups
may not be used to our conventions and not appreciate having
their unobfuscated addresses exposed or reply-to-all...

I will probably add an option to support centralized lists to
public-inbox sometime, though.  I don't like centralization,
but completely inaccessible archives are worse.
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