Hi Dennis,

On Thu, 1 Sep 2016, Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:

> On do, 2016-09-01 at 17:17 +0200, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> > And I see that the beautiful ordinal computation was given up in favor
> > of a lousy "#1", "#2", "#3", etc (it used to be "1st", "2nd", "3rd"
> > etc).
> > 
> > In any case, translation is not my main concern until v2.10.0, so I'll
> > take care of this after that release.
> Hmm, not sure if I agree with that. I'd see it as a regression to lose
> the i18n there.

As Git for Windows does not ship with translations (for multiple reasons),
it would not be a regression.

Having said that, I see that having a different text than the current
rebase -i can be seen as a regression, so I changed that.

Thanks for the review!

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