Hi Dennis,

On Fri, 2 Sep 2016, Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:

> On vr, 2016-09-02 at 09:13 +0200, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> > As Git for Windows does not ship with translations (for multiple
> > reasons), it would not be a regression.
> I'm confused, how does "git for windows does not ship with
> translations" translate to "this is not a regression"? Is this patch
> series only meant to be for git for windows and not go into git.git
> itself?

Oh, I thought I had clarified my plan... The timeline is:

- I submit the remaining rebase--helper patch series for review (last week
  and this one),

- I publish a preview of Git for Windows v2.10.0 that already uses these
  patches (done: 

- once upstream Git v2.10.0 is released (possibly today, after my work
  hours), I perform a final "Git garden shears" run (read: rebase Git for
  Windows' patches, retaining the branch structure) on top of v2.10.0 and
  release Git for Windows v2.10.0, tagged as v2.10.0.windows.1 in
  https://github.com/git-for-windows/git (due to time zone differences
  relative to Junio, the most likely time for this release would be
  some time around noon tomorrow, given that the release engineering takes
  roughly 2-4 hours, running unsupervised for the most part).

- as far as Git for Windows is concerned, l10n is not really an issue yet:
  the installer is released without any localizations.

- After releasing Git for Windows v2.10.0, I will pay a lot of attention
  to feedback. Not only to hear a lot of praise, but also to catch any
  possible regressions. Not that I expect anything dramatic to happen
  because I really tested this as thoroughly as I can: not a single one of
  my interactive rebases since mid May has been performed without
  involving the rebase--helper. In the three cases where I *did* find a
  regression, I solved it immediately, of course.

- After releasing Git for Windows v2.10.0, I will have a nice beer. Or

- Then I will leisurely try to address the l10n issues.

- Then, I will send out the current iterations of the patch series that
  are in flight.

- I have the entire week to address concerns with Git for Windows as well
  as with the patch series (where the former takes precedence, of course).

- The second half of September, I will relax from this marathon that
  started in early February. Meaning: I will be mostly offline.

I hope this clarifies why I am not so concerned about some issues such as
translation, or commit messages, or grammar, and more so about others,
such as incorrect code.


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