Hi Michael,

On Tue, 6 Sep 2016, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> On Tue, 6 Sep 2016, Michael J Gruber wrote:
> > A full blown approach would use --status-fd=4 or such rather than hijacking 
> > stderr.
> > This would require an extension of pipe_command() etc. to handle yet 
> > another fd.

For the record: I do not know whether that would work, either. So unless
we are fairly certain that it *would* work, I'd rather not spend the time.

Your original issue seemed to be that the gpg command could succeed, but
still no signature be seen. There *must* be a way to test whether the
called program added a signature, simply by testing whether *any*
characters were written.

And if characters were written that were not actually a GPG signature,
maybe the enterprisey user who configured the gpg command to be her magic
script actually meant something else than a GPG signature to be added?


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