Hi Junio,

On Thu, 8 Sep 2016, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> Jeff King <p...@peff.net> writes:
> > On Wed, Sep 07, 2016 at 10:27:34AM +0200, Michael J Gruber wrote:
> >
> >> Now, I can't reproduce C on Linux[*], so there is more involved. It
> >> could be that my patch just exposes a problem in our start_command()
> >> etc.: run-command.c contains a lot of ifdefing, so possibly quite
> >> different code is run on different platforms.
> >
> > Maybe, though my blind guess is that it is simply that on Linux we can
> > open /dev/tty directly, and console-IO on Windows is a bit more
> > complicated.
> True.
> Even though this patch is fixing only one of the two issues, I am
> tempted to say that we should queue it for now, as it does so
> without breaking a bigger gain made by the original, i.e. we learn
> the status of verification in a way the authors of GPG wants us to,
> while somebody figuires out what the best way is to show the prompt
> to the console on Windows.

Between protecting users from their own mis-configurations and allowing
them to enter their passphrase interactively on Windows, I would argue
that the more important thing to have working is the latter, because it is
not at all the user's fault that they cannot enter their passphrase
currently, and they cannot fix it by fixing their mis-configuration.

Unfortunately, you obviously disagree with this assessement.

As I *need* to fix this *major* bug for Windows users, you basically put
an additional burden on me by applying Michael's patch, which not only
does not fix the problem for Windows users, but conflicts with my


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