Jeff King <> writes:

>> Even though this patch is fixing only one of the two issues, I am
>> tempted to say that we should queue it for now, as it does so
>> without breaking a bigger gain made by the original, i.e. we learn
>> the status of verification in a way the authors of GPG wants us to,
>> while somebody figuires out what the best way is to show the prompt
>> to the console on Windows.
> That's OK by me, but I don't know if we can put off the "best way to
> show the prompt" fix. It seems like a pretty serious regression for
> people on Windows.

Yes, I am not saying that it is OK to keep Windows users broken.

As I understand what Dscho said correctly, his users are covered by
a reversion of the "read the GPG status correctly" patch, i.e. with
a different trade-off between the correctness of GPG status vs
usability of the prompt, he will ship with Git for Windows, and that
stop-gap measure will last only until developers who can do Windows
(which excludes you, me, and Michael it seems) comes up with a
solution that satisfies both.

I consider that an approach that is perfectly fine.

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