Jeff King <> writes:

> I think anytime you would use GIT_CONFIG_NOSYSTEM over --local, it is an
> indication that the test is trying to check how multiple sources
> interact. And the right thing to do for them is to set GIT_ETC_GITCONFIG
> to some known quantity. We just couldn't do that before, so we skipped
> it.  IOW, something like the patch below (on top of yours).

OK, that way we can make sure that "multiple sources" operations do
look at the system-wide stuff.

> Note that the
> commands that are doing a "--get" and not a "--list" don't actually seem
> to need either (because they are getting the values out of the local
> file anyway), so we could drop the setting of GIT_ETC_GITCONFIG from
> them entirely.

"either" meaning "we do not need to add --local and we do not need

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