Jeff King <> writes:

>> "either" meaning "we do not need to add --local and we do not need
> Yes. I didn't test it with your core.abbrev patch 4/4, but I _didn't_
> have to touch their expected output after pointing them at a non-empty
> etc-gitconfig file in the trash directory. Which implies to me they
> don't care either way (which makes sense; they are asking for a specific
> key which is supposed to be found in one of the other files).

There is a bit of problem here, though.

 * If we make t1300 point at its own system-wide config, it will be
   in control of its contents, so "find this key" will find only it
   wants to find (or we found a regression).

 * But then if it ever does something that depends on the default
   value of core.abbrev (or whatever we'd tweak in response to the
   next suggestion by Linus ;-), we cannot really allow it to do
   so.  We'd want t/gitconfig-for-test to be the single place that
   we can tweak these things, but we'll have to know t1300 uses its
   own and need to make the same change there, too.

So, I dunno.

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