Jeff King <> writes:

> I just don't see it being a problem. Adding core.abbrev for the whole
> test suite is just about not having a big flag day where we change all
> the tests. Changing one or two tests (and again, I'd be surprised if we
> even have to do that) doesn't seem like a big deal.

I've already wasted several hours whipping t1300 into shape, because
it was done in not so forward-looking future-proofed way.  I am not
worried about core.abbrev but I am worried more about the next thing
that requires us to add an entry to t/gitconfig-for-test.  Adding a
corresponding entry to retain the old default for that new config to
two places may not be a big deal, but it still makes me feel a bit

In any case, I suspect that Linus's "auto" thing may still need the
custom system config with t1300 clean-up to pass the test, even
though I suspect it would compute that 7 is enough for most of the
tiny repositories our tests use, so I'll polish this a bit more
while waiting for that discussion to settle.


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