Herman van Rink <r...@initfour.nl> writes:

> On 10/21/2012 08:32 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Herman van Rink <r...@initfour.nl> writes:
>>> Junio, Could you please consider merging the single commit from my
>>> subtree-updates branch? https://github.com/helmo/git/tree/subtree-updates
>> In general, in areas like contrib/ where there is a volunteer area
>> maintainer, unless the change something ultra-urgent (e.g. serious
>> security fix) and the area maintainer is unavailable, I'm really
>> reluctant to bypass and take a single patch that adds many things
>> that are independent from each other.
> Who do you see as volunteer area maintainer for contrib/subtree?
> My best guess would be Dave. And he already indicated earlier in the
> thread to be ok with the combined patch as long as you are ok with it.

Yes, dag volunteered to be the area maintainer to act as a
gatekeeper for me.

The message you addressed to me was sent as a response to his
message, where he gave you specific suggestions to improve the patch
and turn it into a readable series instead of a single ball of wax
and it looked to me as if you are trying to bypass him and shove the
single ball of wax to our history over his objection.

I haven't formed an opinion on the particular change as to how bad
its collapsing unrelated changes into a single change is. Maybe they
are not as unrelated and form a coherent whole.  Maybe not.  Also I
personally do not mind too much if the area maintainer for contrib/
has a lower standard for atomicity of commits compared to the rest
of the system.  But I do prefer the decision to be made at the level
of area maintainer's, and have issues when people try to bypass
without a good reason.

Note that I was not following the thread very closely, so I may have
misread the discussion.  I read his "Unless Junio accepts..." to
mean "I (dag) still object, but if Junio accepts that patch I object
to directly, there is nothing I can do about it".  That is very
different from "I am on the fence and cannot decide it is a good
patch or not.  I'll let Junio decide; I am OK as long as he is".

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