On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 9:58 AM, David Michael Barr <b...@rr-dav.id.au> wrote:
> From a quick survey, it appears there are no more than 55 patches
> squashed into the submitted patch.
> As I have an interest in git-subtree for maintaining the out-of-tree
> version of vcs-svn/ and a desire to improve my rebase-fu, I am tempted
> to make some sense of the organic growth that happened on GitHub.
> It doesn't appear that anyone else is willing to do this, so I doubt
> there will be any duplication of effort.

David, I think that would be great.  I wish I had time to work on
unwrapping the current patch but I don't.  I will definitely re-submit
my (simple) patch after this is done though.
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