Herman van Rink <r...@initfour.nl> writes:

> What would a random user have to do to get a patch in? I've found a
> number of subtree related mails on the git-user list go completely
> unanswerd.  Amongst them a patch from James Nylen wich seems very
> reasonable.

I have those patches queued for merging.  I've been out of town and
otherwise occupied with critical work issues.  I'm hoping to process
those this weekend.

I don't consider myself a gatekeeper and I won't complain if git-subtree
patches are accepted without my review, especially if I am caught up in
other things as I am now.  Anyone is welcome to prepare, review and
recommend patches for acceptance.  Junio is the real boss anyway.  :)

The whole point of Free Software is that anyone can contribute.  It
won't work any other way.

But when patches clearly take us backward, yeah, I'm going to have an
issue with that.  :)

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