Hi Drew,

> You specified "-f" (force) and it did exactly what you asked. That is
> fully documented (git help tag).

Yes, it is, and I used it to show that there is a need to specify
explicitly the intent to change a tag, that without such an indication
would not be changed.

>Tags have many uses. Some of those uses are harmed when tags change
and some aren't. That's a philosophical argument

I agree, but in this case the computer does not provide any means to
implement the same strategy on tags as it does instead on local
repositories. Why I must force a change on a tag in the local
repository and instead I can change it without any forcing in a remote
one? Are remote repositories less protected than the local ones? I
think that to be consistent, the same strategy should be used on all
repositories, i.e. rejecting changes on tags by default, unless they
are forced.


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