Hi Drew,

git is an open source, community project, which means that it benefits
from all the contributions of many people, and they are not restricted
to patches.
If the only one suggestions that were taken into account were patches
sent by people that had the time to study the sources and propose
changes, then we would miss the opportunity of taking many good things
that the community generates, like new ideas for example.

By the way, I already browsed the code, but have seen that there is
not only push.c to understand, but a dozen or more of other sources.
This is why I am not yet able to propose patches.
But I am using git all day, and often come to unexpected or
undocumented behaviors, and want to share my findings in case they
could serve to improve git. This means to me to spend time in
formulating them the best I can to make others understand what I have
found, and that is a contribution too.

Here is a proposed change to the git-push manpage:

- section: "DESCRIPTION", first paragraph ("Updates remote .."), add at the end:

   "Remote references (branches and tags) that do not exist are
created. The ones that exist are updated except when + is not
specified and they are not fast-forward updates."

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