Chris Webb <> writes:

> A common idiom when working with hg bookmarks is to completely ignore the
> (not very useful) hg branches (i.e. all commits are on the default hg
> branch) and have a bookmark for each line of development used exactly as a
> git branch would be.
> On such a repository, at the moment you will always get a warning about
> multiple heads on branches/default, even though you actually don't care
> about branches/default (and would prefer it not to exist) and just want the
> branches coming from the bookmarks.

Something which you can do with hg clone is

  hg clone http://my.repo/foo#master

to clone just the history behind the master bookmark from foo. This works
nicely with git-remote-hg too:

  git clone hg::http://my.repo/foo#master

gives you just origin/master and origin/branches/default, not
origin/otherbookmark. This is a case where it would be particularly nice to
be able to kill origin/branches/default and just keep the identical


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