Hi Felipe,

On Tue, 30 Oct 2012, Felipe Contreras wrote:

> But you mentioned something about cooperation, and I've yet to see how
> is it that you are planning to cooperate. If you say you don't have time
> to spend on this, I don't see why I should worry about testing this
> series of patches.

It has been mentioned before that the communication style including all
these snarky and nasty comments is not helpful. It is hardly the first
time that your mails have been insulting, as can be researched easily from
in the public mailing list archives.

In light of the indignation when advised to keep the tone down a little,
it is probable that the mails were never put through the "would I be
insulted or hurt if I was the recipient of this?" test, as in "do you want
me to throw away my work?" when you literally asked us to throw away our

So unlike others, I do not ask you to change your tone, nor your
willingness to work with others. Instead, I prefer to do other things

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