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>>   - What disadvantages? If this implementation goes into git.git,
>>     the msysgit one is likely to wane in popularity. What will we be
>>     losing by doing so? If the answer is not "nothing", how hard would
>>     it be to port over the missing bits?
> The biggest advantage msysGit's series has is that it had a fix for a
> fundamental flaw in fast-export. Fast-export was intended to work
> incrementally, so the incantation "git branch blub master && git
> fast-export ^master blub" is expected to update the ref "blub" properly.
> I just tested this with junio/next and it seems this issue is still
> unfixed: instead of
>         reset refs/heads/blub
>         from e7510461b7db54b181d07acced0ed3b1ada072c8
> I get
>         reset refs/heads/blub
>         from :0
> when running "git fast-export ^master blub".

That is not a problem. It has been discussed extensively, and the
consensus seems to be that such command should throw nothing:


But that doesn't affect remote helpers, what we _really_ want is for
this to work:

git fast-export --import-marks=tmp-marks \
  --export-marks=tmp-marks master > /dev/null &&
git fast-export --import-marks=tmp-marks \
  --export-marks=tmp-marks blub > actual &&

And that's fixed in this patch: (for which the consensus seems to be
that it's also OK)


But none of these patches are *required* for remote-hg (any of them) to work.


Felipe Contreras
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