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Konstantin Khomoutov <flatw...@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> > Currently, core.ignorecase is set to true on case insensitive system
> > like Windows or Mac on `git init` and `git clone`, and this setting
> > is local to the created/cloned repository.
> [...]
> > I suggest to set this globally by default when Git is installed,
> > because there is little sense to have this option false on case
> > insensitive systems (it will lead to confusions when renaming a file
> > by changing only the case of letters). 
> Case sensitivity is a property of a file system, not the OS.
> What if I mount a device with ext3 file system via ext2fsd driver in
> on my Windows workstation?  extN have POSIX semantics so it's
> pointless to enforce case insensitivity on them.  The same possibly
> applies to NFS mounts.
> Also note that NTFS (at least by default) is case insensitive but is
> case preserving, observe:

On the other hand, on NTFS, if I unset core.ignorecase or set it to
false locally, `git mv foo Foo` fails to rename a tracked file "foo"
with the "destination file exists" error.  I would say I would expect it
to work under the conditions I've just described.  Not sure if this
thould be considered a bug in Git for Windows or not -- would be great
to hear opinions of the msysgit port developers.
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