Currently, core.ignorecase is set to true on case insensitive system like 
Windows or Mac on `git init` and `git clone`, and this setting is local to the 
created/cloned repository.
Here is the man entry:

           If true, this option enables various workarounds to enable git to 
work better on filesystems that are
           not case sensitive, like FAT. For example, if a directory listing 
finds "makefile" when git expects
           "Makefile", git will assume it is really the same file, and continue 
to remember it as "Makefile".

           The default is false, except git-clone(1) or git-init(1) will probe 
and set core.ignorecase true if
           appropriate when the repository is created.

I suggest to set this globally by default when Git is installed, because there 
is little sense to have this option false on case insensitive systems (it will 
lead to confusions when renaming a file by changing only the case of letters). 

Kirill Likhodedov
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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