Am 2012-11-02 16:15, schrieb Konstantin Khomoutov:
On Fri, 2 Nov 2012 19:03:37 +0400
Konstantin Khomoutov <> wrote:

Currently, core.ignorecase is set to true on case insensitive system
like Windows or Mac on `git init` and `git clone`, and this setting
is local to the created/cloned repository.
I suggest to set this globally by default when Git is installed,
because there is little sense to have this option false on case
insensitive systems (it will lead to confusions when renaming a file
by changing only the case of letters).

Case sensitivity is a property of a file system, not the OS.
What if I mount a device with ext3 file system via ext2fsd driver in
on my Windows workstation?  extN have POSIX semantics so it's
pointless to enforce case insensitivity on them.  The same possibly
applies to NFS mounts.

Also note that NTFS (at least by default) is case insensitive but is
case preserving, observe:

On the other hand, on NTFS, if I unset core.ignorecase or set it to
false locally, `git mv foo Foo` fails to rename a tracked file "foo"
with the "destination file exists" error.  I would say I would expect it
to work under the conditions I've just described.  Not sure if this
thould be considered a bug in Git for Windows or not -- would be great
to hear opinions of the msysgit port developers.

I once made a patch for git and we concluded that is is not worth
to put that into main git because you always can do:

git mv foo tmp && git mv tmp Foo
git mv -f foo Foo

(But use the -f option with care)

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