From: "Enrico Weigelt" <> Sent: Saturday, November
10, 2012 7:13 AM

I've picked out Enrico's key points.

Maybe I should try to explain the problem in terms of repository
hierarchy. Let's assume, there is this hierarchy of repositories:

Let's talk about branches instead - repos are just containers for
branches (and tags, etc).

This is often the key point that requires the 'new mindset'. Most folk
use/used the directory heirarchy (subtle distinction with the .git
'repo' directory heirarchy to be noted) as a way of separating ownership
between groups. They find it very hard to undo the old mindset and use
branches _instead of_ directories for the different group

Teaching git is easy. Undoing the old mindset is hard hard hard. [it's
still hard]

By the way: you really should use non-conflicting tag names (eg.
adding some <site>+"/" or <site>+"-" prefix), otherwise you'll
easiy run into conflicts, because per default retrieved and local
tags will all be in some namespace
         Better consider tag names to be really global.


Apologies if it's a bit of bike-shedding.


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