> This is often the key point that requires the 'new mindset'. Most
> folk
> use/used the directory heirarchy (subtle distinction with the .git
> 'repo' directory heirarchy to be noted) as a way of separating
> ownership
> between groups. They find it very hard to undo the old mindset and
> use
> branches _instead of_ directories for the different group
> configurations.

hmm, is this really a psychological issue ?

well, many years ago, i've seen a talk about git (maybe by linus himself),
which started with something like "forget everything you know abozt scm" ...

> > By the way: you really should use non-conflicting tag names (eg.
> > adding some <site>+"/" or <site>+"-" prefix), otherwise you'll
> > easiy run into conflicts, because per default retrieved and local
> > tags will all be in some namespace
> >          Better consider tag names to be really global.
> Definitely.

Well, you *could* setup special fetch rules, which put tags from separate
repos to separate namespaces, but i'd really advice against that, as it's
too easy to forget something and again mess it up.

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