From: "Enrico Weigelt" <> Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2012 10:29 AM
This is often the key point that requires the 'new mindset'. Most
use/used the directory heirarchy (subtle distinction with the .git
'repo' directory heirarchy to be noted) as a way of separating
between groups. They find it very hard to undo the old mindset and
branches _instead of_ directories for the different group

hmm, is this really a psychological issue ?

Oh absolutely. It is very very hard to unlearn stuff, especially bad habits that have had to become ingrained to make them work adequately! It's like re-learning an alternative to a well loved mnemonic. "CLAP".

well, many years ago, i've seen a talk about git (maybe by linus himself), which started with something like "forget everything you know abozt scm" ...

Most folk don't know why the old way used to be right, and is now so wrong, so they can't rationalize the change. Hence find the change very difficult.

[Other than git..] Current SCM methods were established before the Titanic sank and are based on drawing office practice, and were transfered and applied to code printouts (which are simply machining instructions to a compiler). The modern zero cost replication of "Master" drawings/code printouts has destroyed the original reasons for the old practices (protect the aluable unique master). Similarly the new paradigm of "how can I verify that this is a proper copy of the master" isn't understood.

Definately a psychological issue when your whole world is being turned upside down ;-)

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