On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 12:29:14AM -0600, Chris Rorvick wrote:

> >>   2. Require force when updating tag references, even on a fast-forward.

> >>      push: flag updates
> >>      push: flag updates that require force
> >>      push: update remote tags only with force

> >>      An email thread initiated by Angelo Borsotti did not come to a
> >>      consensus on how push should behave with regard to tag references.

> > I think the original motivation of allowing fast-forward updates to
> > tags was for people who wanted to have "today's recommended version"
> > tag that can float from day to day. I tend to think that was a
> > misguided notion and it is better implemented with a tip of a
> > branch (iow, I personally am OK with the change to forbid tag
> > updates altogether, without --force).

> >>      I think a key point is that you currently cannot be sure your push
> >>      will not clobber a tag (lightweight or not) in the remote.

> > "Do not update, only add new" may be a good feature, but at the same
> > time I have this suspicion that its usefulness may not necessarily
> > be limited to refs/tags/* hierarchy.

> > I dunno.

> Are you suggesting allowing forwards for just refs/heads/*?  I
> initially went this route based on some feedback in the original
> thread, but being that specific broke a couple tests in t5516 (i.e.,
> pushing to refs/remotes/origin/master and another into refs/tmp/*.)
> My initial thought was that I'd broken something and I need to modify
> the patch, but now I think I should just modify those tests.  Branches
> are restricted to refs/heads/* (if I understand correctly), so
> allowing fast-forwards when pushing should be limited to this
> hierarchy, too.

What about notes? I think they should be treated in the same way as
branches. My impression is that tags are exceptional in this respect.

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