Chris Rorvick <> writes:

>> "Do not update, only add new" may be a good feature, but at the same
>> time I have this suspicion that its usefulness may not necessarily
>> be limited to refs/tags/* hierarchy.
>> I dunno.
> Are you suggesting allowing forwards for just refs/heads/*?

No, it is a nonsense to unconditionally forbid fast-forwards to refs
outside refs/heads/ hierarchy.

I was imagining a more general feature to allow the *user* to ask
Git not to fast-forward some refs (not limited to refs/tags/) during
a push.

If such a general feature were in place, you can think of your patch
as automatically making the user to ask Git not to fast-forward refs
in refs/tags/, which would be a mere special case of it.

And I was wondering if such a general feature makes sense.

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