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> In any case, I thought this series was about users who run "push"
> voluntarily stopping themselves from pushing updates to tags that
> may happen to fast-forward, so if we were to go with the
> configuration route, the suggestion would be more like
>     [push]
>       updateNeedsForce = refs/tags/:refs/frotz/
> or perhaps
>     [remote "origin"]
>       updateNeedsForce = refs/tags/:refs/frotz/
> if we want to configure it per-remote, to specify that you would
> need to say "--force" to update the refs in the listed hierarchies.
> Then your patch series could become just the matter of declaring
> that the value of push.updateNeedsForce, when unspecified, defaults
> to "refs/tags/".

The above is not a "you should do it this way" suggestion, by the

I was just explaining what I meant by "it may be a good feature, but
may not necessarily be limited to refs/tags" in my earlier message
in a different way "... and a possible design that lifts the
limitation may go like this".

I am *not* convinced that the "refs/tags/ is the only special
hierarchy whose contents should not move" is a bad limitation we
should avoid, but if it indeed is a bad limitation, the above is one
possible way to think about avoiding it.

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