Patrick Lehner <> writes:

> To reproduce:
> - cd into a git repo
> - assuming "filea.txt" is an existing file in the CWD, and "dirb" is
> neither a file nor a directory in the CWD, use the command "git mv
> filea.txt dirb/filea.txt"
> - this will produce an error message like `fatal: renaming ''
> failed: No such file or directory`
> It does not mention that the problem is, in fact, the target directory
> not existing. This seems to be mostly a problem for users unfamiliar
> with bash/*nix console commands. Although it is documented that git mv
> will not create intermediate folders (which is fine, because neither
> does mv), the error message might lead to believe a problem exists
> with the source file.

    $ rm -fr xxx
    $ >yyy
    $ mv yyy xxx/yyy
    mv: cannot move `yyy' to `xxx/yyy': No such file or directory

It doesn't mention that the problem is with 'xxx' and not 'yyy'

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