On Sa 17 Nov 2012 20:35:09 CET, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Patrick Lehner <lehner.patr...@gmx.de> writes:

But just because mv's error essage isnt very good, does that mean git
mv's error message mustn't be better?

Did I say the error message from 'mv' was not very good in the
message you are responding to (by the way, this is why you should
never top-post when you are responding to a message on this list)?

I meant to say that the message from 'mv' is good enough, so is the
one given by 'git mv'.

I wouldn't reject a patch that updates our message to something more
informative without looking at it, though.

I apologize for top-posting -- I don't usually use mailing lists and am not aware of the usual netiquette.

And yes, I did interpret a bit more into your reply than was there.

I wouldn't call the 'mv' error message "good enough" in this case, but very well, opinions may very well differ. Unfortunately, I have no time to get into the git code and contribution guidelines, so I cannot submit a patch myself. I would appreciate if someone else who shares my sentiment and knows their way around the git source a bit could find the time to add this :)

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