Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> We don't need a bare 'server' and an intermediary 'public'. The repos
> can talk to each other directly; that's what we want to exercise.

The previous patch to remove the test (the one that covered a case
where a bug was fixed in an older git-remote-testpy and tried to
catch the bug when it resurfaced) made sense even with its
ultra-short justification "irrelevant".

But I am not sure if this one is so cut-and-dried.  The repos can
talk to each other directly, but at the same time the tests were
exercising interactions between bare and non-bare repositories,
weren't they?  Talking to each other may be one of the things we
want to exercise, but that does not necessarily be the only thing.

If it were explained like this (note that I am *guessing* what you
meant to achieve by this patch, which may be wrong, in which case
the log message needs further clarification):

        Going through an intermediary 'public' may have exercised
        interactions among combinations of bare and non-bare
        repositories a bit more, but that is not an issue specific
        to the remote-helper transfer that we want to be testing in
        this script.  Simplify the tests to let two repositories
        talk directly with each other.

I think the changes themselves make sense.
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