On 11.11.2012, at 22:22, Felipe Contreras wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 9:49 PM, Max Horn <m...@quendi.de> wrote:
>> On 11.11.2012, at 14:59, Felipe Contreras wrote:
>>> People seeking for reference would find it useful.
>> Hm, I don't understand this commit message. Probably means I am j git 
>> fast-export --use-done-featureust too dumb, but since I am one of those 
>> people who would likely be seeking for reference, I would really appreciate 
>> if it could clarified. Like, for example, I don't see how the patch below 
>> makes anything "clear", it just seems to change the "import" command of 
>> git-remote-testgit to make use of the 'done' feature?
> No, the done feature was there already, but not so visible: git
> fast-export --use-done-feature <-there. Which is the problem, it's too
> easy to miss, therefore the need to make it clear.

Aha, now I understand what this patch is about. So I would suggest this 
alternate commit message:

  remote-testgit: make it explicit clear that we use the 'done' feature

  Previously we relied on passing '--use-done-feature ' to git fast-export, 
which is
  easy to miss when looking at this script. Since remote-testgit is also a 
  implementation, we now explicitly output 'feature done' / 'done' to make it
  crystal clear that we implement this feature.

Or perhaps a little bit less verbose. With a commit message like the above, I 
think I would have grokked the patch right away. With the original message, 
that was not the case (else I wouldn't have wrote my initial email). And even 
though I now understand (or at least believe to understand) the patch, I don't 
think the original message is that helpful... indeed, "make clear the 'done' 
feature" is ambiguous. You meant it as "make clear the 'done' feature is 
implemented / used", while I understood it as "make clear what the 'done' 
feature is about". Looking at the patch can help to resolve that, but (a) my 
wrong interpretation threw me off-track and (b) I thought that the point of 
commit messages was to give an overview of a patch without having to look at 
So at the very least, the message should explain what exactly is "made clear".

Anyway, a small change to the commit message hopefully will not be a problem. 

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