Shawn Pearce <>:
> [Lots of helpful stuff ended by]
> > 4. How does "git help" work?  That is, how is a subcommand expected
> > to know when it is being called to export its help text?
> IIRC "git help foo" runs "man git-foo".

OK, that makes sense.

> > 5. I don't see any extensions written in Python.  Are there any special
> > requirements or exclusions for Python scripts?
> Nope, it just has to be executable. We don't have any current Python
> code. IIRC the last Python code was the implementation of
> git-merge-recursive, which was ported to C many years ago. We avoid
> Python because it is not on every platform where Git is installed. Yes
> Python is very portable and can be installed in many places, but we
> prefer not to make it a requirement.

I find that odd.  You avoid Python but use shellscripts?  *blink*

One would think shellscripts were a much more serious portability problem.
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