Peter Krefting <>:
> I was just about to say that the import direction of this seems to
> fill the same need as contrib/fast-import/import-directories.perl
> that I submitted a few years back.

Yours was the closest in functionality, yes.

> Your version seems only to be able to import a linear history,
> however, my tool does support creating merge commits (basically, the
> history I had to import was very messy and contained a lot of
> snapshot directories having been worked on in parallel).

git-weave can *weave* (import) a sequence with merge commits, as your
tool can.  What it can't do is unravel a nonlinear repo into a tree
sequence that will round-trip through the weave operation.  (Though I
thought of a way I might be able to fix that last night.)
> Anyway, my sentiment is that if you can add support for merges in
> you weave tool, then I am very much for removing my old script from
> the repository.

The support is there.  I will take this as direction to (a) add a 
test load demonstrating this, and (b) include the removal of
import-directories.perl in my integration patch.
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