Eric S. Raymond:


Yes, there are scripts in contrib that do similar things.

I was just about to say that the import direction of this seems to fill the same need as contrib/fast-import/import-directories.perl that I submitted a few years back.

Your version seems only to be able to import a linear history, however, my tool does support creating merge commits (basically, the history I had to import was very messy and contained a lot of snapshot directories having been worked on in parallel).

(b) I am shipping it with a functional test,

Hmm, indeed. I have been thinking of trying to wrap up the test suite I have locally into something that could work within the Git testing framework, but haven't found the time to or energy for so far.

Anyway, my sentiment is that if you can add support for merges in you weave tool, then I am very much for removing my old script from the repository.

\\// Peter -
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