Hi Junio and others,

I have a query. git shortlog lists the patches submitted per commiter, like:

> Viresh Kumar (7):
>       cpufreq: Improve debug prints
>       cpufreq: return early from __cpufreq_driver_getavg()
>       cpufreq: governors: remove redundant code
>       cpufreq: Fix sparse warnings by updating cputime64_t to u64
>       cpufreq: Fix sparse warning by making local function static
>       cpufreq: Avoid calling cpufreq driver's target() routine if target_freq 
> == policy->cur
>       cpufreq: Make sure target freq is within limits

> viresh kumar (3):
>       cpufreq / core: Fix typo in comment describing show_bios_limit()
>       cpufreq / core: Fix printing of governor and driver name
>       cpufreq: Move common part from governors to separate file, v2

I know, there was something wrong at my end and i have commited stuff
with different cases.

I was just thinking if we can ignore case for commiter name while
listing stuff here?
So, that we get over any manual mistakes from commiter.

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