David Aguilar  wrote in message
> There's a feature that does exactly this.
> http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-shortlog.html

By the way, the mailmap ignore case which is annoying.
I have commits as damien.olivier.robert+...@gmail.com and a dummy email
address robert@numenor.night-elves. I thought that putting:

Damien Robert <damien.olivier.robert+...@gmail.com> <robert@numenor.night-elves>

in the .mailmap would unify the two adresses, but it does not:

git shortlog -se
    15  Damien Robert <damien.olivier.robert+...@gmail.com>
    266  Damien Robert <damien.olivier.robert+...@gmail.com>

as you can see, the Damien.Olivier.Robert+git as been lowercased to
damien.olivier.robert, so I am forced to write a mailmap like this:

Damien Robert <damien.olivier.robert+...@gmail.com> <robert@numenor.night-elves>
Damien Robert <damien.olivier.robert+...@gmail.com> 

git shortlog -se
   281  Damien Robert <damien.olivier.robert+...@gmail.com>

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