On 30.11.2012, at 04:35, viresh kumar wrote:

> On 30 November 2012 09:03, Nicolas Pitre <nicolas.pi...@linaro.org> wrote:
>> Have a look at the .mailmap file in the top directory of your repo.
> Repeating what i said to David in other mail:
> I have my name there :)
> I thought using names with different case is actually different then 
> misspelling
> it. And so, everybody must not be required to update their names in mailmap
> with different case. So, with same email id and same name (that may be in
> different case), we can show commits together in shortlog.

I don't see how wrong case is different from any other form of misspelling. And 
mailmap is there precisely to handle such problems. Now, if these case issues 
were for some reasons very frequent, it might be worth adding dedicated support 
for it. But this seems dubious to me -- do you have any evidence for this? 
Indeed, do you have more than just the one example?

In a nutshell, there seem to be two options here, and I know which *I* find 
more appealing ;)

1) continue this discussion over several emails to design a new feature (an 
option, config setting, whatever) to handle your special case, then sit down 
and write code for it, add documentation, add test cases to test it.

2) You just add a single entry to your mailmap to solve your problem at hand. 

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