Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <ava...@gmail.com> writes:

> On Thu, Feb 01 2018, Junio C. Hamano jotted:
>> * nd/fix-untracked-cache-invalidation (2018-01-24) 5 commits
>>  - dir.c: stop ignoring opendir() error in open_cached_dir()
>>  - update-index doc: note a fixed bug in the untracked cache
>>  - dir.c: fix missing dir invalidation in untracked code
>>  - dir.c: avoid stat() in valid_cached_dir()
>>  - status: add a failing test showing a core.untrackedCache bug
>>  Some bugs around "untracked cache" feature have been fixed.
>>  Will merge to 'next'.
> I think you / Nguyễn may not have seen my
> <87d11omi2o....@evledraar.gmail.com>
> (https://public-inbox.org/git/87d11omi2o....@evledraar.gmail.com/)
> As noted there I think it's best to proceed without the "dir.c: stop
> ignoring opendir[...]" patch.
> It's going to be a bad regression in 2.17 if it ends up spewing pagefuls
> of warnings in previously working repos if the UC is on.

Well, I am not sure if it is a regression to diagnose problematic
untracked cache information left by earlier version of the software
with bugs.  After all, this is still an experimental feature, and we
do want to see the warning to serve its purpose to diagnose possible
remaining bugs, and new similar ones when a newer iteration of the
feature introduces, no?

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