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> Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason  <ava...@gmail.com> writes:
>> +Before 2.17, the untracked cache had a bug where replacing a directory
>> +with a symlink to another directory could cause it to incorrectly show
>> +files tracked by git as untracked. See the "status: add a failing test
>> +showing a core.untrackedCache bug" commit to git.git. A workaround for
>> +that was (and this might work for other undiscoverd bugs in the
>> +future):
> s/undiscoverd/undiscovered/
> But more importantly, would it help _us_ to encourage people to
> squelch the diagnoses without telling us about potential breakage, I
> wonder, by telling them to do this for other undiscovered cases,
> too?

You mean including something like "if you see this the git ML would like
to hear about it"?

> Will queue with the above typofix, together with the other one.  I
> am not sure if we want to say "Before 2.17", though.

I'm just keeping in mind the user who later on upgrades git from say
2.14 to 2.18 or something, and is able to find in the docs when/why this
new warning got added, which helps diagnose it.

>> +
>> +----------------
>> +$ git -c core.untrackedCache=false status
>> +----------------
>> +
>> +This bug has also been shown to affect non-symlink cases of replacing
>> +a directory with a file when it comes to the internal structures of
>> +the untracked cache, but no case has been found where this resulted in
>> +wrong "git status" output.
>> +
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