Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason  <ava...@gmail.com> writes:

> +Before 2.17, the untracked cache had a bug where replacing a directory
> +with a symlink to another directory could cause it to incorrectly show
> +files tracked by git as untracked. See the "status: add a failing test
> +showing a core.untrackedCache bug" commit to git.git. A workaround for
> +that was (and this might work for other undiscoverd bugs in the
> +future):


But more importantly, would it help _us_ to encourage people to
squelch the diagnoses without telling us about potential breakage, I
wonder, by telling them to do this for other undiscovered cases,

Will queue with the above typofix, together with the other one.  I
am not sure if we want to say "Before 2.17", though.

> +
> +----------------
> +$ git -c core.untrackedCache=false status
> +----------------
> +
> +This bug has also been shown to affect non-symlink cases of replacing
> +a directory with a file when it comes to the internal structures of
> +the untracked cache, but no case has been found where this resulted in
> +wrong "git status" output.
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