Hi Sergey,

On Mon, 12 Feb 2018, Sergey Organov wrote:

> Thanks for explanations, and could you please answer this one:
> [...]
> >> I also have trouble making sense of "Recreate merge commits instead of
> >> flattening the history by replaying merges." Is it "<Recreate merge
> >> commits by replaying merges> instead of <flattening the history>" or is it
> >> rather "<Recreate merge commits> instead of <flattening the history by
> >> replaying merges>?

I thought I had answered that one.

Flattening the history is what happens in regular rebase (i.e. without
--recreate-merges and without --preserve-merges).

The idea to recreate merges is of course to *not* flatten the history.

Maybe there should have been a comma after "history" to clarify what the
sentence means.

The wording is poor either way, but you are also not a native speaker so
we have to rely on, say, Eric to help us out here.


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