Simon Oosthoek <> writes:

> The optional third parameter when __git_ps1 is used in
> PROMPT_COMMAND mode as format string for printf to further
> customize the way the git status string is embedded in the
> user's PS1 prompt.
> Signed-off-by: Simon Oosthoek <>
> ---


If we do not care about the existing users (and in this case,
because PROMPT_COMMAND mode is in no released version, we could
declare there is no existing user), another and simpler approach is
to just drop " (" and ")" altogether and have the user give these as
part of the pre/post strings.

Or we could go the other way and drop "pre/post" strings, making
them part of the printf_format string.  Perhaps that might be a
better interface in the longer term.  Then people can use the same
"<pre>%s<post>" format string and do either of these:

        PS1=$(__git_ps1 "<pre>%s<post>")
        PROMPT_COMMAND='PS1=$(__git_ps1 "<pre>%s<post>")'

without __git_ps1 having a special "prompt command" mode, no?

I have a feeling that I am missing something major, though...

>                               if [ "$w" = "*" ]; then
> -                                     PS1="$PS1\[$bad_color\]$w"
> +                                     gitstring="$gitstring\[$bad_color\]$w"
>                               fi

Every time I looked at this line, I wondered why '*' state is
"bad".  Does a user go into any "bad" state by having a dirty
working tree?  Same for untracked ($u) and detached.  These are all
perfectly normal part of a workflow, so while choice of red may be
fine to attract attention, calling it "bad" sounds misguided.
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