Simon Oosthoek <> writes:

>> Every time I looked at this line, I wondered why '*' state is
>> "bad".  Does a user go into any "bad" state by having a dirty
>> working tree?  Same for untracked ($u) and detached.  These are all
>> perfectly normal part of a workflow, so while choice of red may be
>> fine to attract attention, calling it "bad" sounds misguided.
> Well, I'm most often a really casual user of git and to make this
> function work the way I want to, I found out by trial-and-error
> that this was a way to test whether it's time to colour the string
> red or green ;-)
> I'm very open to better ways to determine the colour
> modes. Anyway, the colours are now more or less the same as what
> git itself uses when printing the status with colour hints in git
> status.

Oh, I am not opposed to the choice of colors; something that wants
an attention from the user may be better in red.

I was merely commenting on the choice of the variable name, the user
of word "bad" as if the conditions that use this color were "bad" in
some way.
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