* Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> [2012-12-26 12:32:20 -0800]:
> The point of the above two was that __git_ps1 does not have to set
> PS1 as long as the insn says user to use PROMPT_COMMAND that sets
> PS1 himself, exactly as illustrated above.  In other words, replace
> the last PS1=...  in the "prompt command" mode with an echo or
> something and make the user responsible for assigning it to PS1 in
> Or put it in another way, I was hoping that we can do without adding
> the prompt command mode---if there is no two modes, there is no need
> to switch between them.
> But as I said, there probably is a reason why that approach does not
> work, that is why I said...

The only reason to my knowledge is that bash's handling of zero-length strings, 
like terminal colour commands, is producing a PS1 that outputs less visible 
characters than bash thinks and thus bash makes mistakes when wrapping the 
commandline. The way to prevent that is to use \[ and \] around those and that 
doesn't seem to work from a string produced from command-substitution. (BTW, 
the colours come through just fine, just the \[ and \] don't)

Another approach could be to split up the functionality and have a few support 
functions to set various variables (corresponding with the gitstring features, 
like *%+ characters and colour hints). These variables could then be used by a 
custom PROMPT_COMMAND function or a command substitution function to produce a 
gitstring. I suppose that would mean a complete rewrite or very close to it ;-)


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