Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> I would appreciate if somebody with more familiarlity with the
> platform can suggest a better alternative than applying the
> following patch to our Makefile.  Right now I have an equivalent of
> this change in config.mak locally when building on the said
> platform.

I realized after sending my previous reply that you are probably trying
to have a way to build and run tests on NetBSD-6 from a git checkout as
part of development testing.

One approach I've taken with other programs is to have a README.NetBSD
file which is actually an executable /bin/sh script with comments,
explaining the prereqs in terms of pkgsrc and invoking configure to get
dependencies from pkgsrc (-I/usr/pkg/include plus -L/-R).

So in the git case, this could set PYTHON_PATH in the environment.

I realize a README.foo file for N different systems could be clutter,
but having these checked in would provide the concise help that people
on any of those platforms need.

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