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> I forgot to mention that we also ship configure (and keep track of
> configure.ac) so that optionally people can let autoconf machinery
> to create config.mak.autogen to be included at the same place as
> handcrafted config.mak in their build process.  I do not offhand
> know if we do "for p in python python2.6 python2.7; do ..." kind of
> thing, though.

pkgsrc uses the configure method, but it seems not to output a
PYTHON_PATH.  It looks like automake's python.m4 is not used by git's
configure.ac.  But pkgsrc passes PYTHON_PATH in the environment to make,
so it works out currently.

> It refers to the type of the second parameter to iconv(); OLD_ICONV
> makes it take "const char *", as opposed to "char *", the latter of
> which matches
>   http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/functions/iconv.html

Thanks - I now see our extra const and am looking into it.

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