Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Don't get too offended by the "OLD_" prefix to that symbol, by the
> way.  I do not think "old" means "old and broken hence fixed in
> newer version and you are low life if you live on a platform that
> has to define it" ;-).

Thanks - it did throw me at the beginning, because I expected that it
lead to using a copy of GNU iconv and not using the native one.
But it will probably confuse few enough people that changing to
CONST_ICONV is not warranted...

> We just needed to have a boolean to tell which variant it is to let
> the compiler build objects without complaining, and we named that
> switch as OLD_ICONV.

I get that, now that I read utf8.c.  It's amusing that git's own
function is const, and on non-OLD_ICONV platforms has to cast away the
const for standards-compliant iconv.

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