René Scharfe wrote:

> InfoZIP's unzip takes default parameters from the environment variable
> UNZIP.  Unset it in the test library and use GIT_UNZIP for specifying
> alternate versions of the unzip command instead.
> t0024 wasn't even using variable for the actual extraction.  t5000
> was, but when setting it to InfoZIP's unzip it would try to extract
> from itself (because it treats the contents of $UNZIP as parameters),
> which failed of course.

That would only happen if the UNZIP variable was already exported,

The patch makes sense and takes care of all uses of ${UNZIP} I can
find, and it even makes the quoting consistent so a person can put
their copy of unzip under "/Program Files".  For what it's worth,

Reviewed-by: Jonathan Nieder <>
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