Am 07.01.2013 06:16, schrieb Jonathan Nieder:
René Scharfe wrote:

InfoZIP's unzip takes default parameters from the environment variable
UNZIP.  Unset it in the test library and use GIT_UNZIP for specifying
alternate versions of the unzip command instead.

t0024 wasn't even using variable for the actual extraction.  t5000
was, but when setting it to InfoZIP's unzip it would try to extract
from itself (because it treats the contents of $UNZIP as parameters),
which failed of course.

That would only happen if the UNZIP variable was already exported,

We don't want any parameters a user may have been specified influence the test. I'm not sure if someone actually sets that variable for that purpose, though.

My main use case is running individual test scripts with an alternative unzip binary, and with the patch this works as expected:

        $ cd t
        $ GIT_UNZIP=/usr/pkg/bin/unzip ./

The patch makes sense and takes care of all uses of ${UNZIP} I can
find, and it even makes the quoting consistent so a person can put
their copy of unzip under "/Program Files".  For what it's worth,

Reviewed-by: Jonathan Nieder <>



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