On 03.01.13 01:08, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:
>> I would actually not add this to TEST_LINT by default, especially
>> when "duplicates" and "executable" that are much simpler and less
>> likely to hit false positives are not on by default.
>> At least, a change to add this to TEST_LINT by default must wait to
>> be merged to any integration branch until all the fix-up topics that
>> this test triggers in the current codebase graduate to the branch.
>>>> +test-lint-shell-syntax:
>>>> +  $(PERL_PATH) check-non-portable-shell.pl $(T)
>>> This is wrong if $(PERL_PATH) contains spaces, no?
>> You are correct; "harness" thing in the same Makefile gets this
>> wrong, too.  I think the right invocation is:
>>      @'$(PERL_PATH_SQ)' check-non-portable.shell.pl $(T)
>> although I do not offhand know if that symbol is already exported by
>> the top-level Makefile.
> I'll tentatively queue this instead.  The log message has also been
> cleaned up a bit.

Sorry for late answer, but there is a problem (both linux and Mac OS X) :-(
$ make test-lint does not do shel syntax check, neither
$ make test-lint-shell-syntax

In the Makefile the the line 
        @'$(PERL_PATH_SQ)' check-non-portable-shell.pl $(T)
doesn't seem to anything (?)

Replacing @'$(PERL_PATH_SQ)' with $(PERL_PATH) gives the following,
expected result: (a very long line starting like this:)

$ make test-lint-shell-syntax
/usr/bin/perl check-non-portable-shell.pl t0000-basic.sh ......


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