Torsten Bögershausen <> writes:

> Sorry for late answer, but there is a problem (both linux and Mac OS X) :-(
> $ make test-lint does not do shel syntax check, neither
> $ make test-lint-shell-syntax

In which directory?

    $ make -C t test-lint-shell-syntax
    ... passes silently ...
    $ ed t/
            which sh
    $ make -C t test-lint-shell-syntax error: which is not portable (please use type):      
which sh
    make: *** [test-lint-shell-syntax] Error 1

If you edit out '@' (but nothing else) from this line:

>       @'$(PERL_PATH_SQ)' $(T)

and run the above again, you would see that it is running this shell

'/usr/bin/perl' ...

If you introduce a Perl syntax error to,
like this, you will get:

    $ make -C t test-lint-shell-syntax
    syntax error at line 11, near "whoa

So... is your shell broken?  The above seems to work for dash, bash,
ksh and zsh.

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